Hi im Big Joe the host of the evening shift 3-6! Ive been working in radio for a little over three years. I actually got my start announcing Houston Tiger Baseball in March of 2008 with my older brother Rocky. Just in case you have yet to catch on, Rocky is my older brother. Hard to believe, but even with three years radio experience I'm still only 18. Just recently graduated high school and ready to move on to college.

Some important things about me is I live my life by the three F’s..Football, Family, and Friends. IN THAT ORDER. Nothing gets between me and my 49ers! But I'm a huge sports fan in football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR, and mixed martial arts. Also I really dislike Boston. I feel that is important because I'm a fan of the New York Yankees and the Las Angelas Lakers. I only have one rule and its anyone can win…..as long as its not Boston.

My aspirations is to one day announce a baseball game for the Yankees although I'mm not quit sure how im gonna do that yet. I'm thinking just maybe turn off the sound to my TV while watching a game and just pretend im Joe Buck but not sure on that yet. I’ll keep you posted. Another thing is I'm a huge Chuck Norris fan!!! Fact! Chuck Norris once put out a wildfire with a a gallon of gas. I only have one rule and that’s respect the Chuck Norris. I'm still relatively new to country music also. I've grown up a classic rock fan. My favorite band of all time is Guns N’ Roses. But with every listener making a request I learn something new in the world of country, so for that I thank you. I only have one rule…and that’s listen to what the fans are telling you.

I have two nieces and a nephew and another niece or nephew on the way. They are my world and I love them so insanely much. So that’s my bio…if it seems average well its because I wrote it at three in the morning after watching harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2...oh yeah im a harry potter fan. Peace out! Lets continue to make the evening shift at 99.3 LEGEN……(wait for it)……DARY!!! THAT’S RIGHT LEGENDARY!!! I only have one rule and that is everything must be done in legendary fashion.

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