Rocky "The RockStar" Gilbert

I’m Rocky Gilbert Jr., co-host of the RickyV & the RockStar Morning Show. I started off in radio when I was 16-years-old at KELE in Mountain Grove. A few years after graduation, I married my high school sweetheart, Brittany. Today we have a lovely daughter, who just turned she keeps us busy! Through the 'terrible two" era, we lovingly called her "Terd Fergeson".... seemed very fitting at the time. Oh, I'm also a huge fan of SNL, and EVERYTHING Athletic. My wife makes fun of me, because I call plays in my sleep. Sports are my addiction!

We are very blessed living and working in the beautiful Ozarks. I've always loved fishing and camping. My daughter just catch her first fish this summer. It was amazing.... however, now she's ruined. The first time she cast, she reeled in a sizable bass. There went my lesson in patience I was hoping she'd learn. ;-)

Britany and I are expecting again.... the count down is on, maybe we'll have a Valentine's Day baby. I'll let you know when we start the pool.

I am looking forward to a long career in the radio business and hope to keep playing your favorites in the years ahead. We are proud to take your requests on Big Country 99 The Rooster. Call in your requests or e-mail me here at the station, Thanks for listening!

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