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I was born on May 2nd, in the city of Chicago, IL.  Grew up on the South side of the city with my brother, Rob, who is now living in Houston, MO.  Both of my parents were raised on farms.  My father in Oregon, WI. and my mother in Hancock, MN.

I attended Our Lady of Lourdes grammer school, St. Mary's High School for my first two years of High School and then graduated from Sacred Heart Academy in Lisle, IL. 

At the age of 15 I worked every summer vacation from until I graduated from high school. After graduation I went to work in the downtown Chicago area and did some modeling and voice training.

At nineteen I married and a year later with a new baby moved to Oklahoma City, OK
I lived in Oklahoma City for two years with my husband and my two sons.  We then bought 160 acres in Sparks, OK, some cattle and race horses. There I had nine more children.  Lot's of stories there but that will be for another time.

From Oklahoma seven of the younger children and I moved to Chicago for a time and then to Gerard, IL where I attended college. We then moved to Gainsville, FL where I continued my education while working a couple of jobs.  After graduation I moved to Cudahy, WI and worked there until my parents died at which time I moved to Houston MO.

It's been quite a ride but here I am now with the family at Big Country 99, and all our great listeners out there in radio land.  Couldn't have landed in a better place.


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