Alexis Neuroth


I don't do bios let's go with 25 random facts...heeeeere we go!

My name is Alexis, and I'm a Mizzouaholic.  (mu-zoo-uh-hol-ik) n. One who is highly addicted to or compulsively in need of THE MIZZOU TIGERS!

Football is hands-down the best sport of all time.  The teams of excellence are as follows: High School - Mountain Grove Panthers; College - Mizzou Tigers; NFL - Da Bears!

I received my BA in Communications from THE University of Missouri in December 2008.  What does that mean?  That means I have a degree, a BA degree to be exact, in communicating...yeah, ask my husband what that means... laugh

My husband Channce is the most amazing person I have ever met.  He is the only one in this world who would put up with me, and still want to come home.  Yep, he's special!

Family is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, important.  Having people you can depend and letting them know they can depend on you...hello!  Welcome to what life is all about!

I don't have a favorite color.  I think picking favorites is lame.  God gave us lots of colors, we don't have to pick just one.  But I do have a top five, black and gold (together), pink, sage green, hunter green, and camo.

Hunting is fun, a lot of fun.  Someday I'm gonna get a bow (*hint*hint-Channce Neuroth-hint*hint*), but for now I'll stick to the firearms.

Stop searching. The three coolest people in the world?  Elijah, Arieanna, and Sophie.  My nephew and nieces, clearly no bias here!

I would sleep in my boots if they weren't so dirty.  But if I slept in them, I would have to wash my sheets everyday, and lets be honest...that won't happen.  I don't even wash dishes everyday...

I learned that I absolutely suck at I'm the kid the opposing team aims for bc they know I suck that badly.

Please don't dare me to do something...I can't say no to a dare.

My best friend's Dad works for MODot...and he is amazing!

I text in complete sentences.  So if you text me, expect a grammatically correct response, complete with punctuation.

I am by no means a girly-girl, but LOVE mascara.  On any given day I wear three kinds.

I think you should treat every single person you meet with dignity and respect.

Concerts = great memory makers.

Jason Aldean is the greatest country rocker of my generation. PERIOD.  Luke Bryan is a VERY close second and I believe they both received inspiration from Garth Brooks.

I can't eat meat on the bone.  It is absolutely horrid!

I have undiagnosed OCD.  Please don't move stuff on my desk, or move the bottles around in the causes problems.

There should be one staple in a set of papers in the upper left hand corner.

I love animals and I love to hunt and no that is not a contradiction.

Giggin is buckets of fun, even though I have yet to actually gig one.  Been lots of times, just never been able to get one.

We all have choices.  Sometimes we pick the right one, sometimes we don't.  Either way, we have to take responsibility for the choices we make and the consequences that come from them.

Everyone is going through their own struggles, don't assume you are the only one.  Someone always has it worse.  People are genuinely good, so give them the benefit of the doubt, smile, and look to your God for guidance.

I love smiling!

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