Mike "ZEEK" Grange

Hi there, I am Mike Grange a.k.a. ZEEK

I'm the newest team member of Big Country 99 The Rooster Team and plan on sticking around for a while so, ya'll are gonna have to get to know me. Great news, right?!?! I have one of those "I'm going to do it to it" attitudes. This has gotten me through the trials and tribulations in this game called life and brought me here to The Rooster.

Some of you may already know me from my previous position at a local hardware store in Houston Mo. I was once featured in the “Know Your Neighbor” section in the Houston Herald. I am originally from Nebraska which makes me a huge Huskers fan! If you read the article ….you would know that was not my answer. I was purposely trying to get a “What???” response on the streets. I can be ornery like that. So that's me in a nut shell. I am just that, a nut. So I should fit right in here with the rest of the Rooster team! Which is random like me because I thought nuts were a squirrel thing not a Rooster's.

After the little bit of traveling that I have done I’ve come to realize the Ozarks is where I would like to spend this wonderful life with my beautiful wife and two children, both boys. We all like to spend more time outdoors, making this a great location to reside with the availability of hunting, fishing, camping, and more right out our back door. Got to love it! (sound effect of shout gun) Yee-haw!

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