Keith Urban aka UN

Oct 05, 2012 -- 9:00am
  • Even though a single scene from new the new season of American Idol has yet to air, the new judges are already making waves.  Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj apparently got into a verbal altercation after disagreeing on a contestant’s performance, and Keith Urban was stuck in the middle...literally.  Urban sat between the two as they went back and forth in a video that has gone viral.  At one point Urban just throws his hands in the air as if to say I give up.  In a post-catfight interview, Urban said “Yeah, I was the U.N.”  In that same interview, his wife, Nicole Kidman, referred to him as “Switzerland.”

Keith Urban is the UN between Minaj and Carey

  • Taylor Swift held a competition for schools to compete for a special concert and cash for the winning school.  The competition was based on online votes.  Well, some mean-spirited pranksters thought it’d be funny if a school for the deaf won.  Horace Mann School for the Deaf was ultimately disqualified because of the false votes, but Swift wasn’t going to let the prank slide so easily.  Swift has given every student at the school tickets to her next show in the area and donated, along with other sponsors $50,000 to the school and VH1’s Save the Music program donated $10,000 in musical instruments.  The winner of the original competition was a school in California.
  • And Luke Bryan is planning for his next record with some studio time in November and December.  Bryan has already booked a studio and is looking to keep fans involved, but try to change things up a little with the follow up to his wildly successful “tailgates & tanlines.”  Bryan is looking for an album that “grow me as an artist and make me progress further down the line. I want songs that make great albums and great records...That's really the hard part, finding that balance of trying new crazy things and seeing what happens, and making an album that is not too far out there."  With the momentum Luke has, it’d be hard to mess it up.

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