Brad Paisley Filiming in Haiti

Sep 18, 2013 -- 9:00am

Brad Paisley is currently in Haiti beginning work on the film project to accompany his song “I Can’t Change The World.”  The whole premise of the song, and the film, is to showcase how all the technology in the world is supposed to connect us, when in reality, it causes isolation.  Of the film, Brad says, “This song is very important. It’s a really timely love song. It wouldn’t have worked 30 years ago as well as it will now. It’s written for the time we live in. Technology, instead of connecting us, it starts to separate us.  Changing this planet is hard to do for any one person, but if you make a difference in any one else’s life, yours has meaning.”  It is a fictional film, but reportedly based on real events.

And Brad Paisley himself could not have executed a plan to embarrass former tourmate Scotty McCreery as well has McCreery did on his own at a recent tour stop.  While belting out a song, McCreery slips and falls and in the process of trying to get up falls again.  And again before he finally decides to just sing from his knees.  Eventually he does make it to his feet.  Luckily, McCreery has a sense of humor and retweeted a videoof the fall saying, “Come see Scotty McCreery on ICE! Coming to a city near you!”

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