Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racist" Receiving Criticism

Apr 10, 2013 -- 9:00am
  • If you’re very active on Twitter, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard artists call out airlines on more than one occasion. He didn’t take to Twitter, but Mike Eli certainly had some complaints from the weekend.  Eli’s prized Paul Reed Smith acoustic guitar didn’t fare well in the trip.  Mike says, “It was murdered.  When you fly with a guitar, it's at your own risk. The headstock is broken off, so now it's worth about $30. But for a musician, it's not about the money. It's your guitar, so it's just sad.”  Sad day!
  • Ronnie Dunn may have accidentally spilled the beans!  Dunn made a comment on his Facebook page about singing on Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album.  Clarkson has yet to announce said Christmas album.  Whoops!  Stocking stuffer anyone?
  • Brad Paisley released his latest album “Wheelhouse” this week.  And there’s one song in particular that’s causing some ruckus.  “Accidental Racist” is a duet with LL Cool J that blatantly calls out the elephant in the room when it comes to racial tensions.  In an interview Brad describes the song saying, “I don’t know if any of you noticed, but there is some racial tension, here and there.  It kind of deals with that and I felt like when we were writing this song it wasn’t necessarily up to the media.  I think it’s music’s turn to have the conversation.”  In fact, he takes it further, hopping on Twitter to say, “So,as you buy this album,I hope it triggers emotions. I hope you feel joy, heartache, triumph, surprise; you laugh, cry, nudge someone beside you I  hope the album rocks you,soothes you,raises questions,answers,evokes feelings, all the way through until Officially Alive 'cause I wouldn't change a thing. This is a record meant to be FAR from easy listening. But fun. Like life. Have a ball, ya'll. love- brad”  Take a listen to “Accidental Racist” and let me know your thoughts...

Brad Paisley featuring LL Cool J Accidental Racist

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